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Title: A guide to laboratory biotechnology
Author: Minhas, Anu Priya...[et al.]
CallNo: 660.6 MIN
Publisher: Kalyani Publishers , India , 2016 Detail

Title: A Textbook of Fungi
Author: Gupta, Rajni
CallNo: 589.2 GUP
Publisher: APH Publication Corporation , India , 2014 Detail

Title: A textbook of oscillations, waves and acoustics 5th ed.
Author: Ghosh, M. ; Bhattacharya, D.
CallNo: 531.3 GHO
Publisher: S. Chand & Company Ltd , India , 2016 Detail

Title: A textbook of plant ecology : Including ethnobotany and soil science
Author: Shukla, R. S. ; Chandel, P. S
CallNo: 581.522 SHU
Publisher: S. Chand & Company Pvt. Ltd. , India , 2014 Detail

Title: A Textbook of Quantum Mechanics 2nd ed.
Author: Mathews, P.M ; Venkatesan, K.
CallNo: 530.12 MAT
Publisher: McGraw Hill Education (India) Private Limited , India , 2010 Detail

Title: A textbook of vertebrate zoology
Author: Prasad, S. N. ; Kashyap, V.
CallNo: 591 PRA
Publisher: New Age International Pvt Ltd , India , 2011 Detail

Title: Abnormal psychology : an integrative approach
Author: Barlow, David H ; Durand, Vincent Mark
CallNo: 616.89 BAR
Publisher: Cengage Learning Private limited , India , 2015 Detail

Title: Add to My workspace Environmental biotechnology : biodegradation, bioremediation, and bioconversion of xenobiotics for sustainable development
Author: Sangeetha, Jeyabalan
CallNo: 628.5 SAN
Publisher: CRC Press Taylor & Francis Group , London , 2017 Detail

Title: Advanced international trade : theory and evidence
Author: Feenstra, Robert C.
CallNo: 382.0151 FEE
Publisher: PRINCETON UNIVERSITY PRESS , , 2016 Detail

Title: Advances in plant physiology (from the green to the grain)
Author: Kannan, Seshadri
CallNo: 571.2 KAN
Publisher: APH Publication Corporation , India , 2015 Detail

Title: Advances in quantum Chemistry Vol 21 : Density fucntional theory of many-fermion systems
Author: Trickey, Samuel B.
CallNo: 540.12 TRI
Publisher: Academic Press , India , 1990 Detail
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