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Title: A first look at communication theory
Author: Griffin, Emory A.
CallNo: 302.201 GRI
Publisher: McGraw-Hill , New York , 2009 Detail

Title: A handbook of behavioural sciences for medical & dental students and health professionals
Author: Rana, Mowadat H. ; Rana, Roop Zainab ; Mustafa, Mansoor.
CallNo: 150 RAN
Publisher: Allied Book Company , Not Available , 2016 Detail

Title: A textbook of Botany and bio diversity
Author: Hussain, Farukh
CallNo: 581.7 HUS
Publisher: Pak Book Empire , Lahore , 2012 Detail

Title: A textbook of discrete mathematics
Author: Sarkar, Swapan Kumar
CallNo: 510 SAR
Publisher: S. Chand & Company Pvt. Ltd. , India , 2003 Detail

Title: A Textbook of organic chemistry (for B.Sc. Students)
Author: Bahl, Arun ; Bahl, B. S.
CallNo: 547 BAH
Publisher: S. Chand & Company Pvt. Ltd. , India , 2016 Detail

Title: A treatise on differential equations
Author: Forsyth, A. R.
CallNo: 515.35 FOR
Publisher: CBS Publishers & Distributors , India , 1995 Detail

Title: Abnormal and clincal psychology : an introductory textbook
Author: Bennett, Paul
CallNo: 616.89 BEN
Publisher: Tata McGraw Hill Education Private Limited , India , 2006 Detail

Title: Abnormal Psychology
Author: Carson, Robert C.
CallNo: 616.89 CAR
Publisher: Pearson , India , 2007 Detail

Title: Abnormal Psychology 16th ed.
Author: Butcher, James Neal
CallNo: 616.89 BUT
Publisher: Pearson , India , 2017 Detail

Title: Abstract algebra 3rd ed.
Author: Chatterjee, Dipak
CallNo: 512.02 CHA
Publisher: PHI Learning Private Limited , India , 2015 Detail

Title: Academic management
Author: Chauhan, Sundeep
CallNo: 371.207 CHA
Publisher: Pearson , India , 2012 Detail
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